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MyGrad is the best social platform to easily celebrate your graduation with the people you love in one easy use interface. Share memories, share love, and easily gift and give for the start of the next adventure.

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You want to celebrate your special graduate on social media, but you don't want the noise of politics, daily news, or toxic opinions. MyGrad enables you as the user to invite your selected family and friends to share photos, stories, memories about your graduate.

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There are big moments in life that require big changes in our needs and MyGrad helps you establish the perfect gift registry to assist your graduate on their next journey. It's not just for weddings and baby showers anymore. At MyGrad, you can select what gifts you need most from some of the largest retailers in the world. MyGrad also can suggest some of the best gifts and party decorations making your celebration amazing and easier.

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MyGrad is the one platform that grows with your graduate from elementary school to their doctorate. At each step of your journey MyGrad is with you, enabling you to share your joys and memories at each step along the way

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Want to invite people from your other social media? Go ahead and invite them to join in your celebration on MyGrad.

Invite your family and friends from Facebook, Google, Instagram, and email. Want to change the group at any time...it's all in your hands.

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Excellent  4.7 out of 5

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We are celebrating him without the noise.

I had thought I would use my other social media sites to celebrate my son's graduation from high school, but it was always getting so cluttered with other stories and media. It was also so fleeting that it was there for one day and then buried in the next story. With MyGrad, I have found that my son's celebration just continues with more pictures, more memories, and more joy.

Marilyn Green

I can actually feel connected to my family

I couldn't be with my granddaughter for her graduation due to being so far away, but MyGrad allowed me to share my joy with her and to see just how loved she is by so many others. Thank you MyGrad.

Yolanda Samaria

I am prepared for the next adventure

I love the celebration of my friends and I graduating and MyGrad enabled it to become real. It also really helped me organize my ideas and needs to move out on my own after college. By setting up my gift registry, I was able to get a head start on truly "adulting". New furniture, cooking supplies, and decorations have made it so easy to set my new apartment up perfectly.

Sarah Amandot

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